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Q. What Is Resort Vacations Inc?

A. Resort Vacations, Inc. (RVI) is the exclusive marketing company for Global Exchange Vacation Club (GEVC). GEVC members can customize the length of vacation time, size of accommodations and choose when and/or where they wish to travel every year.

Q. What Does Resort Vacations Do?

A.  Our mission is to introduce Global Exchange Vacation Club to anyone who is interested in quality vacations that are affordable. RVI offers many unique opportunities for people to view the most exciting Vacation Club in our country today. Our role is to encourage visitors to learn more about GEVC at one of our showrooms.

Q. What are these Opportunities Resort Vacations offers?

A. RVI knows how valuable your time is. When you attend a GEVC presentation RVI will offer you a Vacation Package just for coming out.

Q. How long is the presentation and do I have to buy to get my vacation package?

A. The presentation is 90 minutes. No, you do not have to buy anything to receive your Vacation Package.

Q. What are some of the Vacation Packages that are offered?

A. Resort Vacations partners with CBE, a leading travel company with over 30 years of experience, to offer a range of vacation packages. These packages include destinations such as Honolulu and Maui, HI, with round-trip airfare for two and accommodations. Other package options feature Orlando, FL, Cancun, Mexico, theme park tickets, and more, catering to various travel preferences and interests.    

Q. Are there restrictions on the Vacation Packages?

A. Yes. As with any travel booking, you may expect a few restrictions and blackout dates. Prior to booking you will receive all the details of participation and the policies and procedures for the trip you select. You are more than welcome to upgrade your trip. 

Q. What will it cost me to go on one of these trips?

A. You are responsible for all Government imposed taxes and/or Port fees.

Q. Can anyone attend the preview?

A. Yes, anyone is welcome to preview our club. If you wish to receive an Incentive/Vacation Package all we ask is for you to meet the guidelines of our Details of Participation. 

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