Q. What is timeshare?

A. Timeshare has proven itself as the preferred vacation option for over 6.2 million families around the world, first debuting over 40 years ago in the French Alps as a way for families to enjoy vacations in this hard to access area. The concept is simple, purchase a vacation home only for the time you need it. With the availability of the exchange companies you can then use your Timeshare in over 4000 different properties in over 100 different countries. Over time the concept has continued to evolve to satisfy its members in their quest to enjoy quality vacations in diverse destinations.


Q. What is vacation ownership?

A. These days timeshare is commonly referred to as Vacation Ownership, thanks to the innovative 'points' system now used by almost every timeshare company. This highly flexible system ensures that Members are not bound by a specified week in a particular apartment, and can access multitudes of Club properties, as well as affiliated resorts using their Membership.


Q. Why is timeshare so popular?

A. Timeshare is not a newfound popularity, whether based on its new flexible system, value for money, or recognized quality thanks to being associated with quality organizations and industry leading brands that has assisted the industry to become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the worldwide hospitality industry. In fact Vacation Ownership member numbers have been growing at over 10% annually for over 30 years.


Q. So what's the difference between timeshare and regular vacations?

A. 1, 2 & 3 bedroom villas / condos/ homes/ cabins etc: more amenities, and 'home-away-from-home' feeling are the principle differences between timeshare accommodations and what is commonly found in hotels and resorts.Most timeshare units feature fully equipped kitchens, dining area, washer and dryer and more. As many timeshare units are located within existing general public resorts, their amenities are the same as top-rated properties, and can include children's activities, swimming pools, tennis, Jacuzzi, golf and bicycles as well as spa and exercise facilities. Others feature boating, skiing, restaurants and equestrian facilities on-site or nearby.The ability to prepare meals in the full kitchen provides timeshare members even further value for money and a closer sense of family while travelling.



Q. Is Resort Vacations Inc a timeshare company?

A. Resort Vacations Inc is a California Real Estate Brokerage company and represents an accommodation program actually referred to as vacation ownership in a new points-style system, but many Members still refer to it as timeshare. Vacation ownership / timeshare is now the preferred way to vacation for millions of families around the world.

Q. How many destinations can I enjoy with Vacation Ownership?

A. With vacation ownership, members aren't limited to the one property every year, and can access all destinations within the Club and beyond. The club features over 4,000 timeshare resorts around the world, allowing members to visit the great US, Mexico, Europe or Asia using their own membership. The world really is your oyster! Open it up and see what it holds for you.


Q. Why would I want to become a Timeshare Owner?

A. Surveys have found that people become a timeshare member for the following reasons: flexibility (including choice of location, apartment size, and time of year), opportunity to exchange with other resorts, consistency of quality accommodations, and the credibility of the company.

Today's owners:

·         Enjoy their timeshare with over three-quarters reporting that their membership increases their looking forward to vacations.

·         Over two-thirds say ownership increases the amount of time they spend on vacations, and their learning experiences.

·         Over half cite improvements in health and happiness.

·         What's more, current owners want more of a good thing, with over half a million international timeshare owners indicating that they would like to buy more timeshare during the next three years.


Q. How do I become a Member?

A. Simply attend one of our no obligation previews where you can find out how the Club operates, and the fantastic opportunities Membership provides. Previews are conducted at specific locations throughout California and Texas.


Q. Can anyone attend the preview?

A. Yes, anyone is welcome to preview our club. If you wish to receive an incentive for previewing all we ask is for you to meet the guidelines of our Details of Participation and that your partner attends the preview with you. We believe that both parties should be involved to discover and evaluate the Club's benefits in accordance with your own wants and needs.

Q. Are there any restrictions?

A. Yes, there are blackout dates and other exclusions regarding the premiums or gifts that are given for attending a presentation. There are no blackout dates or exclusions for timeshare owners.  

Q. How long is a preview?

A. Our preview takes approximately 90 minutes. If you choose to join the Club, at the completion of the preview you can complete your Club Membership application. 

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